The tortoises we find most popular in the U.K are the Eastern Hermann’s, Mediterranean Spur-thighed, Marginated, Western Dwarf Hermann’s and Horsfield. These breeds are most commonly kept as they are fairly hardy making them great for anyone as a starter tortoise as they are easier to look after than some of the higher maintenance tropical breeds that are more sensitive to their environment.


Hibernating species:

Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise – Testudo Hermanni (Approx. 7-10 inches)

Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise – Testudo Graeca (Approx. 8-10 inches)

Marginated Tortoise – Testudo Marginata (Approx. 12-15 inches)

Western ‘dwarf’ Hermann’s Tortoise – Testudo Hermanni (Approx. 4-5 inches)

Horsfield/Russian Tortoise – Testudo (Agrionemys) Horsfieldi (Approx. 5-8 inches)


Non-hibernating species:

Leopard Tortoise - Stigmochelys Pardalis Babcocki (Approx. 16 inches)

Sulcata Tortoise - Geochelone Sulcata (Approx. 30 inches)

Red-Footed Tortoise - Geochelone Carbonaria (Approx. 12-15 inches)


On average tortoises will live 30-50 years or more so it’s a big decision for any family to purchase a tortoise as their new addition to the household. As a responsible pet owner, it is essential that you know all the requirements for looking after a tortoise before purchase.

We provide as much help and advice as you need before purchasing your tortoise and are here to answer any questions you may have afterwards too. 

Forums and groups can be helpful and have some great information and ideas, but they can also be a very negative place too so just be aware, don't believe everything you read!

If you have any queries or questions and are intending or have already purchased a tortoise and/or product from us at The Tortoise Den, then we advise that you get in touch with us in the first instance for help and advice.

It is essential that you seek advice from ourselves as you may risk infringing your guarantee with us if advice is taken elsewhere.

We recommend that you take out pet insurance and there is a voucher included with your purchase. To activate the insurance voucher, you may telephone or visit the Exotic Direct website and click 'Activate Voucher' following onscreen prompts, within 14 days of your date of purchase.