Arcadia Mini D3 UV Basking Lamp, 80w

Product Code: ARCd3uv80w

product description

The new and improved Arcadia '2nd generation' D3 UV 80w Basking Lamp. This high performance, multifunctional lamp has several benefits in one. The single lamp provides UVB, UVA visible light and heat so there is no need for a separate UV and heat source.

Aiding the synthesis of vitamin D3 and helping to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease with the UVA increasing feeding, mating, and other natural behaviours. These are all vital to the normal development and health of basking reptiles such as tortoises. A large UVB projection area provides a wider beneficial area for basking. Lasts for up to 6,000 working hours.

Also available in a 100w and 160w lamp.

E27 Screw fitting.

Please note:

The Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp, 140mm is for use with the Arcadia Mini D3 Basking Lamp, 80w.

The Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp, 200mm is for use with the Arcadia D3 Basking Lamp, 100w and 160w.