Standard Product Package (No Tortoise Table)

Product Code: Product_Package__No_Tortoise_Table_

product description

This product package is ideal if you already have your own tortoise table.


Products included in this package are:

The Tortoise Den Adjustable Lighting Bracket

Arcadia Ceramic Clamp Lamp 140mm

Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamp 80w

HabiStat Plastic Shallow Tortoise Water Bowl

Feeding/Claw slate, approx 29cm x 21.5cm

Arcadia Earth Pro - A, 100g

Cuttlefish, 1 piece

6 Litre Bag of Coco Coir Substrate

Please Note - Depending on availability, products in the package may occasionally vary slightly from the pictures as shown but will be of the same good quality standard and fit for the same purpose.