On the run up to the hibernation period we find that lots of our customers are worried about hibernating their little tortoise friends and even have thoughts of not hibernating at all!

It is important for your tortoise, if it is a hibernating species to have a good annual routine and hibernate during the winter months as this is a natural behaviour. Although we advise not to hibernate your tortoise for the first year of ownership. It is easy to select a hibernation method that is best for you and your tortoise, but it is in fact the preparation work that is absolutely vital to get right to ensure a healthy hibernation.

We have produced a completely FREE hibernation information booklet for this exact purpose. This includes the most frequently asked questions and covers all essential areas such as a fundamental preparation routine and explains the various hibernating options and what to do when it’s time to wake up your tortoise. Take a look at our ‘Tortoise Care’ to download your FREE copy now!