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The Marginated Tortoise including a Viv Exotic Tortoise Table Complete Package is a complete package and contains everything you need. 

The Marginated tortoise originates from Southern Greece, Italy and North-eastern Sardinia. This is a hibernating breed. The Marginated tortoise is the largest of the European tortoises and prefers a more mountainous, rocky terrain than the other breeds. High UV lighting is required and low to moderate humidity. On average the Marginated tortoise can live up to 30-80 years or more and an adult will grow to approximately 12-15 inches (31-38cms). However, this may vary in individuals. 

This species is listed as Annex A and is required to be microchipped and have the accompanying Article 10 CITES certificate to be legally sold. We will provide this certificate and it must stay with the tortoise throughout its life. 

When you purchase a tortoise, we will provide you with a care sheet containing all the information you need for a happy tortoise.

Made in a modern oak finish, this table features an enclosed sleeping area with a hinged lid for access. With easy self -assembly, this table comes with a separate stand that creates a free-standing table. A removable, decorative toughened glass panel makes access for cleaning simple and easy.

Approximate sizes,







Tortoise Table




This complete package includes,

Marginated Tortoise

Viv Exotic Viva Tortoise Table - Oak (Flat pack)

The Tortoise Den Adjustable Lighting Bracket

Arcadia Ceramic Clamp Lamp 140mm

Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamp 80w

Zoo-Med Repti Rock Feeding Bowl Combo-Small

HabiStat Reptavite 100g

Cuttlefish, 1 piece

6 Litre Bag of Coco Coir Substrate

Information Care Sheet and Insurance Leaflet


Please note: This tortoise table is intended for indoor use only. Products in the package may occasionally vary slightly from the pictures as shown but will be of the same good quality standard. 

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