Coco Coir Substrate - Coarse (chip), 40 litres

Product Code: Coco_Coir_Substrate_-_Coarse__40_litres

product description

Made from coconut coir fibres that are extracted from the husk of the coconut. This substrate is 100% natural and organic so if ingested it is harmless to your tortoise making it the perfect choice of bedding. The coir is not dusty like some other bedding types and naturally increases the humidity of the housing unit with the option to be lightly misted with water to heighten humidity.

The coco coir is odour free and loose enabling natural behaviour and enrichment for your tortoise to burrow and dig. Spot-clean daily to remove any soiled substrate and completely replace approximately every 2-3 weeks or more frequently if it becomes heavily soiled or wet.

Also available in fine - 20 litres, fine - 40 litres and coarse - 20 litres.